Charlotte Cohousing Community
Membership Opportunities

Join Charlotte Cohousing based on your interest in creating cohousing.

All memberships give you access to resources for a six month period.

Community Seeker: You are interested in cohousing and looking for others who match your ideals.

  • part of mailing list to receive information about Charlotte area events and forming groups
  • discounts on local training

Community Member: You have found a group that matches your vision of community. You are actively participating in forming activities.

  • part of mailing list
  • discounts on local training
  • access to personalized website with documents and calendar for your group

Community Leader: You have decided to create a community. You need help finding members, land, financing, or training.

  • ability to post to mailing list
  • discounts on local training
  • access to personalized website for your group
  • post your group’s information on our website
  • receive help with events and meetings
  • networking with national leaders

Community Resource: You have skills to help local groups create a community. You may have land that you would consider developing. You would like to offer your services as needed.

  • ability to advertise services and events to mailing list
  • your business information posted on our website
  • receive help with hosting training related to your area of expertise

Organizer: You are interested in participating in the umbrella work of Charlotte Cohousing. This includes providing support to leaders, organizing events, marketing, and managing finances.

Six Month Membership Costs
Community Seeker $5
Community Member $20
Community Leader $30
Community Resource $40
Organizer $50

Contact us today to join Charlotte Cohousing!

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